Balrec 2014 - "Optimism in complicated times"

Конференцията се проведе на 06 Ноември 2014г.  Към галерията на събитието.


Conference was held on 6 November 2014. The gallery of the event.


Since its creation in 2006 the BalREc conference as the most prestigous public platform for discussion in the real estate and investment sector brings together the high-level representatives of the most active companies in the field of investment projects in Bulgaria: investors and investment funds, banks, consultants, legal companies, asset managers etc., in order to discuss and analyze the market trends and forecasts by the different segments - office, retail, industrial, residential and holiday projects, the economic climate as a factor for project development, the problems the investors encounter, the good practices at the asset management and
the actual models to boost the sales.

Highlights of the programme:
Economy and investments: optimism in complex times.
• Current state of the market of real estate assets in the end of 2014.
• Which investors are going from cautious waiting to real action?
Residential market. Mortgage financing
• Is there a lack of quality housing and how this influences demand, supply and prices?
• Mortgage financing: good terms in insecure times.
Development and management of industrial zones
• Will Bulgaria remain competitive in attracting production and service outsourcing, which are our main advantages, and how to use the potential most effectively?
Office space market
• What are the new projects in 2014, what are their plans for market realization and how will this impact the market?
• When stabilization of rent levels and supply scarcity will result in investment activity?